Bluegrass Still - 2010 

Brandt & Brenda's first CD, Bluegrass Still, was a labor of love that took 7 years to brew.  It represents the distillation of a great variety of music, some with a "kick" perfect for dancin', some better for barefoot slow sippin'.  It includes three original tunes and features many fine contributing musicians.

1. Big Blue 
2. Red Clay Halo 
3. Bob Away My Blues 
4. Clinch Mountain Backstep 
5. Dance, Dance, Dance 
6. Mammy & Pappy Wolfersberger 
7. Sally Ann 
8. Are You Tired of Me, My Darlin'? 
9. Kentucky Waltz 
10. Cowboy's Sweetheart 
11. Wild Bill Jones 
12. Old Love
13. Puppy Dog Blues 
14. Smelly Feet 
15. Monroe's Hornpipe 
16. True Love 
17. That's What I Like About You

Bluegrass Still Track 1

Contributing Artists include:   

With the exception of Mike Cleveland, we've played with all of these musicians in various bands and configurations.  We are beyond lucky to count all of these folks as friends as well as fellow musicians.   

Shawn Brock is a muliti-instrumentalist and contributed mandolin and guitar to Bluegrass Still.  Far from being locked into one genre, Shawn plays jazz, country, rock, and also tunes piano!  You can listen to Shawn's music online and see why we love him! 

Michael Cleveland has won numerous awards for his fiddling.  If they gave awards for generosity beyond measure, he'd have won that too. You can purchase his CD's or catch him playing live by visiting his website, Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper   

Scott Risner played mandolin with Allison Kraus back when she was a kid, and with JD Crowe back when he wasn't.  Scott gave his all to the CD, including the art work and design for the CD case & booklet.  Scott plays with more bands that he's got strings on a mandolin...for more info, check him out on ReverbNation

Dave Schroeder - well, we've known Dave nearly forever.  We're thrilled to have his guitar on our CD, we only wish there was more of it. Catch Dave with one one of his bands in the Indianapolis area by visiting his New Augusta Bluegrass Band Facebook page.   

Tim Strong could be (should be?) picking guitar and mandolin with the big cats in Nashville.  He's the only guy we know who works 25 hours a day, 8 days a week.  His rhythm and his lead playing are both equally awesome.  Find out more on his website

Pam Temple lends her lovely voice on a couple of the songs. (Few people know that she and Brenda were twins separated at birth). Pam is a driving force behind Wild Carrot and the Roots Band, and is a superb songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, lead singer, set-list maker, gig finder, web-page manager, CD seller, and all-around good person. Check out the band at   

Slats Klug is an amazing musician and song writer.  We first met in Bloomington, Indiana at Airtime studios working on Slat's project, "Liar's Bench".  Geographic distance never dampens the spark of friendship rekindled every time we get together.  His addition to "Bluegrass Still" is priceless!  Check out some of his CD's on Slats Klug.   

I've been watching Craig "Red Man" Smith play the drums since I was about 8 years old.  It was not only a blast to work with him in the studio, but also to share his killer groove with everyone who listens to the CD.  No website or Facebook page, so if you want to know the real scoop, come by the house...we'll talk.   

Rick Brantley was introduced to us by Shawn Brock.  We became "old friends" after five minutes.  Rick is devoted to capturing the truest sound possible.  We did some of the recording at his amazing All These Sounds studio in Cincinnati.   

And finally, Dave Weber, engineer, knob-turner, conflagration expert, saw virtuoso, musical coach, and Picasso of mixing can be found in Bloomington, Indiana. Once, when a violinist broke a string in his studio, Dave ran a quarter mile to the road, skinned a road-kill racoon, dried the racoon-gut, ran a quarter mile back to the studio, and the fiddler was able to finish the session.  At least, that's the plausible rumor.  Dave plays and sings with his wife, Krysta Detor, and still does occasional recording work.  Check him out at

Drew Smith didn't play a single note on this CD.  But, he built the still. (Please don't tell the revenuers.)  And he has always loved this crazy music, and -- like me -- has often disclaimed any relationship to Red Man. :)

Finally, a nod to other supporters and contributors: Chris, Spencer, Ashley, Kyle, Gil, Rents, and our kids and sibs.